Project of the Intake 2013

Smart Integrated Energy Communities

Sustainability in energy supply and use is about establishing resource efficient, technically and economically sound pathways that will cater to society’s demand for energy services with minimal environmental impact. The Project of the Intake (PoI) 2013 addresses one key area – our living space, the communities. It is here established, that to reach the goal of sustainability, there is a need for inter-linkage between defined sectors in our global system. For example, a link between the industry and its energy intensive conversion processes, and the built environment with its need for heating, cooling, and electricity. There is also a need to develop smarter solutions that take a holistic approach on servicing the demands in these sectors. With this approach, the Project of the Intake 2013 takes on the challenge of Smart Integrated Energy Communities. For example:

• Industrial processes will be examined as a resource to meet the demands for heating, cooling, and new fuels in the community;
• Smart energy distribution will be considered, both in terms of electricity and thermal energy through new generation district energy design;
• The market roll-out of the R&D concepts and innovation will be supported in a special work package addressing Community Driven Business Models.
• Development of test/demo facilities for key components.

The work will be organized under four work packages hosting the approximately 10 PhD Candidates expected to be admitted in the 2013 intake. Each work package, presented below, cater to candidates of a particular educational background and will host 2-3 PhD Candidates with various mobility placements (home/host universities, and industrial partners) to be decided later.

When you apply to the EMJD SELECT+ 2013 intake, you apply directly to the work package of your interest. You can only apply to one work package, and you will be asked to motivate your choice.


WP 1 Energy Integration of Industrial Processes and New Fuels
WP 2 Monitoring Capabilities of Electrical Distribution Networks
WP 3 Thermal Energy Generation and Distribution
WP 4 Business model innovation by drawing on value network and blueprint analysis


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