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(SELECT+ PhD program has taken in all the 5 intakes of doctoral candidates already by April 2016. As such there will be no more call for applications).

What is SELECT+ (PhD Programme)

The SELECT+ (Environomical pathways for sustainable energy services) is a four-year Doctoral programme, with its main goal to identify, test, implement and commercialize highly efficient energy technologies.
This programme combines the in-depth fundamental research that is required by academia with the development of innovations that have market potential. With a consortium of 8 core Universities, 6 associated Universities, 4 core Industries and 6 associated Industries, the SELECT+ programme will offer the way to reconcile these two perspectives through multi-disciplinary approaches in which the students work in collaboration with industries. Energy problems are typically multi-disciplinarial not only in the sense that different science and engineering disciplines are necessary but also that the social and management sciences (e.g. regarding business strategies) will have to play a critical role.
This Doctoral programme puts equal emphasis to the social, economic, managerial as well as cultural aspects to the development of our PhD candidates.
The objectives of the SELECT+ Erasmus Mundus programme are:
  • Acquisition and formalization of knowledge by combining the individual strengths of the participating universities and industrial (technical and business, both core and associated) members towards interdisciplinary research of innovative character.
  • Creation of network of excellent PhDs with leading research groups, based on the specially designed and integrated mobility schemes.
  • Establishment of actual industry/academy joint research activities on projects in cooperation with leading industries.
  • In the end, launch of at least one start-up for each of “SELECT+ Projects of the Intake”.
The SELECT+ programme contains mandatory mobility where students are assigned to the home university and also a significant amount of time with the second university and industries. The SELECT+ participants will, upon completion of the programme depending on the mobility scheme, be awarded a joint or a double degree. Please visit Programme Description for more information.
SELECT+ program is partly funded by EACEA Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union.Candidates/Applicants must be informed that if they are selected (proposed for a scholarship/fellowship, put on the reserve list or enrolled on a self-paying basis) their data may be used for the purposes of evaluating the programmes, efficiently manage the projects, and producing statistics. Data could be made available to the EACEA, the European Commission, the European External Action Service staff, as well as to other stakeholders of the Erasmus+ programme, such as Erasmus+ National Agencies, National Erasmus+ Offices and the Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association.

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Last updated on 2017/11/10

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