SELECT+ Programme Description

The SELECT+ Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programme is a four year PhD programme with compulsory mobility among partner universities and industries. Each intake of this programme will take on the challenge of an overall umbrella project - Project of the Intake (PoI), please view Project of the Intake 2015.


The programme lasts for 4 years, depending on the track tacken, the outcome will be a joint degree or a double degree: joint degree is a degree awarded by both universities and the double degree is awarded by each of the universities. PhD candidates will have mobility possibilities to both home and second universities, further details are available at Mobility Scheme.


Around ten (10) doctoral candidates will be accepted into the programme at each intake and through a coordinated research effort new knowledge will be generated for the benefit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field. Of these ten or so projects, one PhD project will be in the field of business and entrepreneurship rather than engineering sciences.



The PhD programme aims at reaching the following:

  • Achieve high level PhDs with
    • Fundamental knowledge of materials, chemistry and physics, of nanotechnology and biotechnology, to find new and better ways of producing and ways of energy conversion, distribution, control and utilisation.
    • High competency and quality engineering skills in the entrepreneurial and sustainable energy field.
    • Specific training in the “well-to wheel” perspective. i.e. the concept of a complete view of the available energy sources (the well) to the useful energy services (the wheel).
  • Get several “component type” companies (large as well as small and medium enterprises (SME)) to work together, in various constellations between themselves and with universities and research institutes, on overall “energy-products” of special need.
  • Foster a new cadre of future business leaders with Corporate Social Responsibility in the energy field.
  • Bring new energy efficient products to the market in the shortest possible time frame.
  • Help SMEs to obtain access to high-level research results.



The main research language is English.

Last updated on 2016/02/08

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