Project of the Intake 2015

Sustainable Energy Services

Energy services are a key factor in our society.  The role of electricity and other energy carriers is undeniable in today’s world. The relevance of energy services has increased over time as energy is linked to human development. High level energy carriers play an important, continuously with increasing relevance, role in fostering new technological developments that have changed, and will continue to change, the world.

Increased energy demand as well as climate change concerns calls for an analysis and optimization of energy services. Efficient use of energy resources, mitigation of environmental effects and supply an increasing demand are just some of the issues that are relevant nowadays in the energy system. The importance of the continuous flow of all kind of energy services in our modern society is undisputable. At the same time we still have more than 20% of the world’s population that have no, or only sporadic, access to one of these services, electrical power.

Thus, it is need to develop sustainable solutions that take a holistic approach on servicing the demands of the society. Considering this, the Project of the Intake 2015 tackles the aspects of Sustainable Energy Services. Examples of projects from previous years highlight this trend in the program as:

  •  Positive house energy and business model
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Microgeneration  and Polygeneration
  • RES for local electrical grids
  •  Clean and efficient use of solid fuels
  • Grid monitoring and control
  • Smart Energy Technologies
  • Energy Integration of Industrial Processes and New Fuels
  • Smart Grids and ICT
  •  Thermal Energy Generation and Distribution
  • Community-driven business models development
  •  Optimization of efficient energy services for industry
  • Smart -grid energy storage
  • Off-shore and remote sustainable energy supply
  •  Industrial production of fuels, high value-added chemicals and related products
  • Pricing strategies and sales management in sustainable energy ventures

When you apply to the EMJD SELECT+ 2015 intake, you will have to specify your area of interest among a number of specific research topics. It is important that you select the most appropriate topic, in relation to your academic background and other experiences.

The topics proposed for the intake 2015 are:


1. Energy harvesting and storage- possible partner universities: AGH and UPC

2. Advanced carbon capture and storage technologies- possible partner universities UPC and AGH

3. Interest of decentralized sensible heating storage solution for low temperature district heating network-possible partner universities: EMN and Polito

4. New devices of energy harvesting, conversion, storage and demand control - possible partner universities: IST and EMN 

5. Design and implementation of a thermal microgrid with advanced storage for the Polygeneration lab - possible partner universities: KTH and IST

6. Hydrogen generation and conditioning for portable fuel cells with a focus on entrepreneurship/management(For this topic it is preferred to have primarily an engineering background and secondary background in management) - possible partner universities: UPC and Polito

7. Carbon Capture and Utilization from SOFC exhaust and biogas upgrading of gas. Preferred backgrounds are: Thermodynamics and heat transfer; Electrochemistry; Chemical Engineering. Potential participating Universities: POLITO, KTH



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