Project of the Intake 2014


Energy services are a key factor in our society. The role of electricity and other energy carriers is undeniable in today’s world. The relevance of energy services has increased over time as energy is linked to human development. High level energy carriers have played an important role in fostering new technological developments that have changed the world.

Increased in energy demand as well as climate change concerns calls for an analysis and optimization of energy services. Efficient use of energy resources, mitigation of environmental effects and supply an increasing demand are just some of the issues that are relevant nowadays in the energy system.

Thus, it is needed to develop sustainable solutions that take a holistic approach on servicing the demands of the society. Considering this, the Project of the Intake 2014 tackles the aspects of Sustainable Energy Services. For example:

  • Optimization of efficient energy services for industry
  • Smart -grid energy storage
  • Off-shore and remote sustainable energy supply
  • Industrial production of fuels, high value-added chemicals and related products
  • Pricing strategies and sales management in sustainable energy ventures

The project of the intake 2014 is organized under four work packages hosting approximate number of 9 PhD Candidates. Each work package, presented below, cater to candidates of a particular educational background and will host 2-3 PhD Candidates with various mobility placements (home/host universities, and industrial partners)

When you apply to the EMJD SELECT+ 2014 intake, you apply directly to the work package of your interest. You will apply to one work package and you will be asked to motivate your choice. In the application form you will further be asked if you will be willing to switch to a different work package if the SELECT+ consortium identifies that your profile has a better fit within another work package. The work packages for the 2014 intake are:

WP 1 Optimization of energy services
WP 2 Waste to Valued Added Services and Optimization with Environmental Improving Technologies
WP 3 Off-shore and remote energy services
WP 4 Selling Green


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