Project of the Intake 2012

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The Positive Energy House

The “SELECT+ Project of the Intake” is a challenge to the batch of PhD candidates starting each year in which the students will work together over the time-frame of the studies. The common project starts from the overall energy concept and looks at different environomical pathways towards various future sustainable energy systems. The project of the intake 2012 has been chosen to be “Positive Energy House”, where specific PhD topics will be defined by the consortium committee together with the students. The ones with the highest scientific technological and entrepreneurial challenges together with significant innovation and collaboration spirit towards meeting the sustainability challenge in a collective and combined spirit will be selected.


The SELECT+ PhD candidates will work in each project with an integrated collaboration with experts in the field of entrepreneurship (e.g. scientists and PhD candidates from a business faculty, as well as well-established entrepreneurs) thereby ensuring that technology and innovation commercialization aspects are tackled from the start . In this way, the true team spirit of SELECT+ is fostered, at the same time as a “real-life problem” is solved, and a “product” established.


Individual mobility paths will be specially designed for each student, based on the particular PoI work package accompanying the choice of “home university”. The SELECT+ Core Universities will each be able to serve as home universities for PhD Candidates. They specialize in many versatile fields of energy technology. Find out more through the link given below:


Specialization of Core Universities.

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