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The application for SELECT+ 2016 PhD is now open.


All applicants must submit the required documents, regardless of prior applications. All applicants need to fill out the online application available through the web application system.

All applicants must fill out a tailor-made online application form, which enquires about personal details and prior education, as well as motivation of the chosen projects, academic background in the relevant disciplines, language competence, participation in advanced courses, and publications.

The Steering Committee will evaluate the candidates according to the following criteria: academic record, curriculum vitae, ideas about research plans including business opportunities, motivation letter and recommendation letters. To finalize the selection, interviews will be held, preferably in person, at one of the host universities, and consist of a 20-minute presentation (in English) about the applicant’s latest scientific project, followed by a 30- minute interview. For candidates from abroad who cannot travel, an audio-visual discussion may be held.

Please refer to the following links for more information:

Admission Requirements 

Application Instructions

Application Evaluation Process


Last updated on 2015/08/31

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