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What is SELECT MSc

Sustainable energy services are one of the key issues for humanity, considering the complete environmental footprint for the services delivered. The SELECT Masters programme starts from the concept basic renewable energy sources (sun, geothermal and moon driven tides) to establish the environomical pathways towards a future sustainable energy system. The SELECT curriculum emphasises the thermodynamic tools of energy and thermoeconomic analysis for training the future energy engineers in advanced well-to-wheel analysis. Sustainability analysis and problem solving, as well as effective knowledge-driven decision making in complex energy systems, are integrated in the curriculum.


SELECT strives to be one of the world's most highly recognized master's programmes in the energy field by 2015. The programme shall attract top performing students from around the globe and deliver the right type of engineering graduates to advance leadership, industrial practice, innovation and entrepreneurship in the field. Thus, the SELECT atmosphere and learning environment should foster thinking on global responsibilities and sustainable development for all.

SELECT delivers a unique education characterised by high academic achievement. Programme graduates are ready for immediate engagement in industry as well as important leadership roles. SELECT’s curriculum and pedagogical philosophy is:

  • Designed for active participation, putting students in the ‘driving seat’ of their own learning experience
  • Structured for students to learn problem solving with confidence
  • Organized to show how acquired facts and methods can be used outside the programme, and how known principles can be combined in ‘new‘ methods – the Enjoyable Learning Process MSc SELECT also features mandatory mobility.


When applying for SELECT Master Programme, the applicant can also apply for a KIC InnoEnergy scholarship. There are also possibilities to apply as self-paying students, students with own scholarships or funded from other sources.

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