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SELECT MSc programme is founded the concept renewable energy sources (sun, geothermal and moon driven tides) to establish the environomical energy conversion pathways for a future sustainable energy system.
SELECT aims at delivering education for high competency and quality engineering skills in the energy engineering field, including industrial interaction throughout the programme. The programme mobilises the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the students. This will give the graduates a deep understanding of the world's energy challenges paired with a significant insight into how energy businesses are created and into the industrial perspective of the energy side.
Career development and management is a lifelong process, which is desired to be continued beyond graduation from SELECT. SELECT Alumni is a unique group consisting of SELECT students and graduates.


SELECT Alumni, Share Your Career Experiences with SELECT Students

SELECT students desire to be provided by career assistance, consultancy sessions and workshops, internship opportunities, training programmes and employment offered by industries and companies.

SELECT Alumni acts a platform for mutual interaction of SELECT students and Industry. It provides the companies with the opportunity of having access to CV’s and profiles of top eager individuals that are trained under a certified InnoEnergy and Erasmus Mundus programme in top European Universities. It serves the companies by offering them well-trained people with different specializations and careers in the Energy sector plus online access to CV’s.

Please find your qualifies candidate by looking at SELECT students’ curriculum vitae (CV).

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