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SELECT Student, Linkesh Diwan at World Telecom Conference in  Dubai, October

Linkesh Diwan, is one of 12 people from around the planet who has been awarded the United Nations' International Telecom Union’s “Young Innovator Fellowship”, for his revolutionary concept known as the CrisisCommunicator, which solves the problems involved in communication networking during disaster situations. Linkesh, 25, a native of the USA has grown up in Holy Mother Amma’s ashram in Amritapuri, Kerala. This great opportunity has instilled in him a drive for service to society. As part of the fellowship award, Linkesh will be presenting his concept and business plan at the United Nations’ World Telecom Conference, in Dubai, October 15 to 18.


Linkesh and his friends want to create a social business around the CrisisCommunicator, using technology for its noble purpose: Benefit to Humanity. The CrisisCommunicator will resemble a tablet, built to withstand very harsh environments. Using open source technology and building upon APRS (a HAM radio technology), it will aid disaster responders by creating a disaster area-wide wireless network over VHF, and will digitally transmit information across the network. The devices will give each disaster responder instant access to a live map showing the progression of the disaster, the positions of each person, aiding in refugee management, resource allocation, logistics and more.

Linkesh ‘s family met Amma in the USA in 1991, and have lived in Amritapuri since 1999. He was born in Chaplin, CT, USA. His mother, Dr. P.Kamala W. Diwan, is an avid student of Holy Mother Amma as well as an accomplished scholar of Mahatma Gandhi, and has authored three books on the subject of Earth Ethics. In 2007, Linkesh started Wise Earth Publishers (wiseearthpublishers.com) with his mother’s help and Holy Mother Amma’a blessings to publish books that Promote Ethical Life on Earth.

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Graduating from Amrita Vishwa Vidya Peetham in 2010 with a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering, Linkesh is now an Erasmus Mundus scholarship awardee, studying for his M.Sc. in Europe. In 2009, Linkesh was one of 20 youth representing Indian youth at the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) COP 15 (the 15th conference of Parties to the convention) in Copenhagen. Linkesh aims to use his knowledge and skills in service of planet Earth.

The United Nation’s ITU’s Young Innovator Challenge is a yearly competition open to youth from around the world, who submit technological solutions and business plans to address a problem facing society. This year, 12 solutions worldwide were awarded the Fellowship, which includes an amount of funding, one year of mentorship, and the opportunity to present the idea at the World Telecom Conference in Dubai.

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